mardi, mars 18, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday, Baby Boy!

Happy 4th Birthday, Baby Boy!

Time certainly flies as the little one is now 4. My baby, my love, my heart and my liver (xingan).

Just as well we celebrated his Birthday at school as our plans for another celebration in the evening were to be literally wrecked. I ordered an ice cream cake from K2 in Montale and this time around I brought along plastic plates from Ikea. OK, not sexy or exciting, but at least there'll be no need for me to whinge about wasting pretty but expensive paper plates like I did the last time. Sure I can afford to waste pretty paper plates, but then I know that I shouldn't.

Then of course I saved on paper plates but I would end up paying for a window. Yes, I am normally very careful with the keys to my main door. You can't open it without a key so I always carry it on me. But in the evening on my way out to pick up Eldest Son from his playdate with A (a very intelligent and talented boy), Baby Girl opened the door, leaving the key in the lock. I rushed out after her and while looking for the switch to turn on the light outside, the door slammed shut - with the key inside.

This was a catastrophe as one cannot open the door when there is already a key in the lock on the other side of the door. I called the Hub (who was driving back from Torino) and he called the Geometra for help and for once we were fortunate in our misfortune because we got him - when we had been trying in the last few months to do so to no avail.

I had to rush to Modena to pick up Eldest Son and I was really disappointed as I was hoping to spend some time chatting to A's mom E who has become a friend. Smart lady who calls a spade a spade, just the kind of gal I like. Also, I had to forget about picking up a cake for Baby Boy on the way, of course. So much for a family celebration in the evening.

The Geometra arrived in the dark with his tools for picking the lock. But he failed and we had to resort to breaking a window or wait till the next day for a locksmith (meaning we'd have to sleep in the car). The former option was taken and so he got a ladder, climbed up to Eldest Son's room, broke the window and got in. Voilà why I have now a window to pay for.

I whinged of course but nonetheless I am thankful for small mishaps here and there as I believe that they allow me to avoid the larger ones (touch wood). And I am comforted in the knowledge that my decision to take this house mainly because it comes with a Geometra (besides the fact that we have no neighbours) is a just one. In a country like Italy, having a man of the situation ready to help you with most possible disasters is very important.

We went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner and Baby Boy got to blow candles on an ice-cream dessert and we're happy that he's now 4 and hopefully will enjoy many many more happy birthdays surrounded by people who love him.

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SIG a dit…

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday little A, happy birthday to you! A big hug from Auntie D, and S. Kisses too! Hope he had a great birthday.

That is some adventure, S. Gosh, not a very good day for you, was it? ;)

SilverHubble a dit…

Hello Beau Lotus,

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Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Thanks, D. Yeap, quite a day, not too great on the spot, but taken in retrospect, quite an adventure :-). I had a hand digging in my own lock with a pin too, but couldn't open it.

Hi Silverhubble, thanks for visiting! Which of the 2 lovely ladies are you?

Will look forward to reading more in your blog, unfortunately I almost never go to Facebook, besides, am exposed enough with the blog so hope to keep my Facebook really private.

Happy to discover another person who's passionate about food, life and the kids. Cheers!!!

SIG a dit…

Ahh! You can't be a burglar!

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

D, nope, I guess I can't be a burglar. No sudden discovery of hidden talent there...