samedi, mars 15, 2008

Villa Oplontis

2 of the Cold Starters

We came upon this restaurant Villa Oplontis in Spilamberto one evening on our way back from Bologna a few months ago and had always meant to return. And so we did last evening and took up their Seafood Menu for minimum 2 pax. Yes, it's a good place for seafood that was what we remembered as I had Lobster Linguine (15 euros) our 1st time there and the Hub could not help but eye the Mussles and other dishes going past his nose as he ate his simple pizza.

The Seafood Menu (40 euros per person) was inclusive of a bottle of wine (so-so), a generous mix of cold and warm starters, a mix of different pasta with seafood and a mixed seafood platter (both fried and grilled). If you have something particular that you must have e.g. Hub and his scallops and Eldest Son and his sardines, let them know and they'd usually try to make you happy.

They also serve pizzas, all types of pasta and meat. Good value for money.

Villa Oplontis
Via Martiri Artioli 128
San Cesario s.P. (MO)
Tel : 059 785692

3 commentaires:

SIG a dit…

Sorry, but what is that salad above the mussels, the one with the octopus? Looks like tofu hahaha.

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Actually I dunno half of what I was eating among the starters but the one above the mussles must be octopus and cuttlefish. The balls with the mussles were fried dunno-what. Not bad, light. The Italians can be very good with deep fried stuff, not too greasy or heavy.

SIG a dit…

I see.