mercredi, mars 05, 2008

Trattoria Aldina

Risotto with Funghi

We finally lunched at Aldina. It's an Italian (what else?) trattoria situated in a flat on the 1st floor of a building just opposite the covered market in Modena. Always full, must reserve in advance or you will have to wait at least an hour for a table.

The food is home-cooked and good. I know I repeat myself but pasta is pasta and I find it difficult to build up enthusiasm for it. But whatever you order in Aldina would be good that's for sure.

We started out with Tortellini in Brodo (broth), Lasagna al Ragu and Risotto with Mushrooms. The pasta was fine and delicate, their Tagliatelle's so fine it's almost like our Mee Pok. You understand why this place is so popular with the local crowd. You have to understand some Italian though as they do not have written menus. The available dishes would be recited to you by the waiter. Often very comprehensible as you can usually find the same dishes everywhere in this region. Rarely any surprises.

For the mains we had Beef Filet, Roast Ham and Boiled Meat (Beef Tongue, Pheasant...). Very good stuff, but it's like having Fishball Noodles and Chicken Rice everywhere, after a while can get very sian (bored) though my threshhold for the latter is probably higher than for the Italian dishes.

The best thing about this restaurant though must be the price. Very reasonable for the quality of the food. But only cash accepted.

Trattoria ALDINA
Via Albinelli, 40
41100 Modena
Tel : 059 236106

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