mardi, mars 18, 2008

A Busy Morning

Early Easter Greetings to Everybody!

Baby Boy turns FOUR today! Though if I'm busy this morning, it was not because of that. I had to tidy up the house a minimum as Irina would be here at 8am to clean. I must say that I've had reservations about her at the beginning with all that I've heard about her, but I'm used to her now, she's a kind person if somewhat clumsy and I like her. It helps too that I've moved all my valuables out of the house (haha).

I had to get the Easter presents for the teachers ready. Yes, I came across a few lovely Art plates (Renoir, Gauguin, Monet, Van Gogh...) yesterday when I was out looking for the usual rabbits and hens and eggs and though tempted to keep them for myself, got the Babies (or rather just Baby Girl as she insisted on doing it for everybody) to help fill them with straw and chocolate eggs and make a few drawings for their teachers. Children should learn to give and not just receive. And this way they will grow into giving adults. Though they should not be like my mom. If you let her she would give half the house away. I've always suspected that she's always buying stuff so that she could give them away. She takes too much joy in giving.

No prizes for guessing who I had to give this one to!

I've been busy also because we had an appointment with JA the School Principal! Yes, over the issue everyone knows about now since I've been ranting about it.

I had been warned about how if I continue to complain about the school it may fall back on my children (like the mafia hehe). Not to the school's credit if people believe that you could get sanctioned for opening your mouth. But these minds do not understand that Lotus was ranting for herself (not for the others), she was complaining because she felt she had reason to do so and also as she had felt at that time that she wasn't being listened to. More importantly though, they do not have Lotus' faith in the Head of the school's good sense and professionalism. Why would you want to take out on the kids you were supposed to educate and mold into better people? Unless you do not believe in what you are doing and get sidetracked easily. For all my ranting, I have more faith in the school than that. And it doesn't look like JA in any case.

I believe in dialogue. And at the same time, I have a blog that is my diary albeit a public one. That's how I keep friends and family informed without having to repeat myself. So you may get to read the progress (or not) of any dialogue I may have with anybody. But don't abuse.

With JA, it had been a positive morning. For once, somebody in the school listened to what we had to say. For once somebody tried to explain things to us and not ask us to just accept without understanding. Our concerns were real and we just needed help to address them within what the school can do for all of its students. And she has promised that she would do her best. And she is someone who keeps her word and who can make things happen. I believe in her.

Then as I've expected, mention was made of my blog. Folks, I'm getting really known in these parts. LOL

She said I should remove pictures of children etc taken in the school. Fair enough. To tell the truth, I knew about it but was just waiting for somebody to come tell me :-). Though mothers out there may understand if I say that I only see my own kids in them. A mother's eyes is not the same. But still, I apologise.

Because in this place more than anywhere else (I had the blog when I was in Germany and mothers there read it too), people read your blog but they do not talk to you either through it or in person. They go to other people and expect the other person(s) to do something about it. In Chinese, we call it killing with a borrowed sword. OK, I exaggerate.

And better still, a few of these people either do not know how to read or didn't read what I had to say thoroughly, or they are somehow incapable of figuring things out themselves in a logical way. Of course, you may want to tell me that my English sucks.

For example, some read of Baby Girl having to do an extra year in Pre-school because of the school's cut-off date. That is our case because we came from the French system. They panicked and started to call the Principal about it thinking that their kids too were affected. Why didn't they (1) check out the school's policy clearly stated on the website for themselves, (2) look at their own child's age and past schooling experience and calculate whether it really affects them too, (3) come check with me so that I may explain for myself - can't speak for the others, right?

Because this policy should only affect people coming from countries like France and Italy where the cut-off date is 31st December and where kids go to Primary One in their 6th year. The English and Americans are usually not affected as the IS system is similar to theirs and the Swedes actually gain a year as they only start P1 at the age of 7. Get it? Whatever it is, it's none of my business, I was only concerned with mine so take it as you wish.

Anyway, for those of you who have been following the saga, I have gotten past the black and white bits of the issue and am coming to accept things as they need to be. It doesn't seem bad to tell the truth. The school has new premises, it has a new curriculum and philosophy (IB), new and good leadership, the teachers are kind and motivated and the children are happy. There are things in the curriculum to iron out as far as I'm concerned (though I know everyone has his ideas and we can't all be accommodated) and the current Principal is always open to ideas and comments so that's a good start. And I really like most of the mothers I am in contact with and I have fun doing things with them.

I am an open book, I am exposed, but at least what you see is what you get. Though do resist the temptation to push blame on me for things I didn't say or do or for what people misunderstand or misinterpret (that's their responsibility, isn't it?) simply because everybody knows I'm vocal, have opinions and have a blog. Because I may end up the last person to know about it but don't we all finish by knowing about everything? And then...(devil's horns)

I want to thank my friends for their private and public words of encouragement and to JA for listening to me in person. Blogging is something still rather foreign to many people and can cause unease, but once you get used to it, it'll be easier to live with. Just wait and see. :-)

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SIG a dit…

I so love those eggs. And the plates too. We can't get such beautiful eggs here.

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Guess Easter is a bigger event here.

I like those plates myself, am quite tempted to get some but no more space in the cupboards...

And we also received a hamper for Easter!!! Cake, chocolate, cheese, tortellini...Hub's a popular guy in these parts.

SIG a dit…

Hahaha, lucky you. :)