dimanche, mars 30, 2008

Le Vachetin

Foie Gras du Chef

Lunch on Saturday was provided by our Village Club in Risoul but we decided to have it in a restaurant mentioned in the Michelin Guide instead. No stars, just 2 forks, a small and simple restaurant called Le Vach 'Tin found in the little village of La Vachette near Briançon. We just couldn't leave France without having a proper French meal.

The Guide said that it would be ugly on the outside but comfortable on the inside. We were the only clients that afternoon. The children all had rare Steak Hachée-Frites while the Hub and I went for the Chef's Duck Liver followed by Scallops in Shellfish Sauce accompanied by home-made Purée and Fried Flat Beans. We had a glass of Sauternes each to go with the Foie Gras and the Hub had a glass of dry white wine to accompany his scallops. They were both good wines, fragrant in the bouquet and consistent in the palette.

St Jacques Sauce Crustacée

The Foie Gras was delicate. The scallops nicely grilled on the top and cooked just right on the inside. The sauce however didn't taste too much of shellfish.

With that we left France and made our way back to Italy. Back to a magically mowed lawn, toys in the garden and Easter offerings (chocolate, sweets, cake, Parmesan cheeses, fresh Tortellini...) from someone who likes us. And a letter box stuffed with books and DVDs that I've ordered on the Net (Brother C thanks for the recommendation!). It's good to be home. And for dinner, Tortellini in Brodo, what else.

Restaurant Le Vach 'Tin
La Vachette
05100 Val Des Pres
Tel : +33 4 92 46 93 13

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East Meets West Kitchen a dit…

I love foie gras, but haven't seen any pink ones before. The scallops looked good too! Glad you had a fun holiday.

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

It'll be pink if you do not overcook it :-). We call it foie gras mi-cuit. I've bought a big raw lobe and will be pan-searing it this week. Yummy...But bad for the diet, of course.