lundi, mars 12, 2007

Sago Pearls in Pandan Coconut Milk

Sago Pearls in Pandan Coconut Milk

I said a few postings ago that I should think about making Sago Pearls in Pandan Coconut Milk and so I did. The kids and the hubby liked it very much as it's a simple and refreshing dessert and I must certainly make it more often (though too much coconut milk may not be too good for our arteries).

I boil my sago pearls in a lot of boiling water till they turn transparent. Try to stir them every so often to prevent them from sinking and sticking to the bottom of the pot. Then I drain the sago pearls in a colander and rinse them in cold water.

After which I made a syrup with pandan (screwpine) leaves and sugar (rock sugar, fruit sugar...) to taste (usually quite a bit as when the dessert is cooled, it will taste less sweet than when it's hot) and added coconut milk to it.

Let the coconut milk syrup cool at room temperature before chilling it in the fridge.

I usually add the sago pearls to the coconut milk syrup only before serving. You can eat it as it is, or serve it with fruit like melon, honey dew, mango, banana etc. Not to forget cooked cubed yam and sweet potatoes. I like to drizzle some gula melaka (palm sugar) syrup over the pearls as I serve them, it goes really well with pandan and coconut milk.

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Priscilla Tews a dit…

Hi serene!
Ok, see u tomorrow! =) May I ask where on earth do u get your ingredients? The dessert sounds nice! I want to make one myself too. Where do u get the sugar stuff, sago, jelly stuff?

su a dit…

I stumble into ur blog when I was searching for fellow S'poreans in Stuttgart.I'm very much inspired by your culinary passion. Hav been here for a mth and was wondering where can I get the Asian herbs like galangal and pandan leaves.

Beau Lotus a dit…

Hi Su!

Welcome to Stuttgart! I'm sure that Priscilla would be happy to know that another Singaporean has just arrived in town :-).

I've seen Pandan leaves once in a Viet-run Asienladen, but it has since closed shop. Mine were brought over from S'pore on my last trip and kept frozen in my freezer.

Galangal you'll find in most Asienladens here, check out their fridges where the lemon grass, coriander leaves etc are. I got mine from the Asienladen in Vaihingen and I froze them in small pieces so that I'll not need to keep looking for them when I need them.

And Pris, nice having you over today. As you can see, the coconut sago is really easy to make. Just use normal sugar and you can get coconut milk and sago pearls (or tapioca pearls) in almost every Asienladen in Stuttgart.

You may all be interested to know that there is an Indian wholesale grocer in the West of town, at Augustenstrasse opposite the Merlin Café.

It may also be interesting for you to join the International Women's Club (IWC) of Stuttgart if you are looking for English-speakers (but not American or British dominated).

su a dit…

Hello again!

Thanks for the tips. Will look out for the herb when I visit Vaihingen next. Is there any baby classes like Gymboree where I can enrol my 10-mth-old son in? Have a nice day!

Beau Lotus a dit…

Hi Su again!

You may wish to check out the Mutter-Kind Zentrum in your neighbourhood. There's one in Stuttgart West, for example and they have a pretty cool playground, English Playgroup once or twice a week, activities for children and mothers, babysitting etc.

Churches in every neighbourhood are also a source of courses and activities for old people and younge people. I'm no church goer but I think you don't need to be one to join the activities.

When your kid is a little older, check out the VHS (Volkhochschule).

Kids below the age of 2 can also join this painting class in Augustenstrasse that I used to bring my boy to.

Do you know and wish to meet other S'poreans or Malaysians in the region? Email me thru my blog if you wish to.

su a dit…

Dear Beau!

I'd love to meet other M'sians/S'poreans ard. Was hoping to make new friends when I start my German class next mth at ifa. You can email me at .

Beau Lotus a dit…

Eh, Su! Priscilla Tews has just started her Intermediate-level German course at IFA!!!