vendredi, mars 23, 2007

Ganesha, Stuttgart

Butter Chicken

One of the things that I'll miss about Stuttgart is Ganesha, a surprisingly good Indian Restaurant in a city of generally lousy food. The restaurant has less than 20 tables and is usually full on Friday evenings, but lunch is often calm and the lunch menu has a variety of good curries all for less than 6,50 Euros.

Actually we usually eat there in the evening. The curries cost around 10-12 Euros each, a plain nan 2,05 Euros. Basmati rice is included in the price of the curries. But we've been eyeing the lunch menus for a while now, telling ourselves that they look like good value for money.

Lamb Madras

Finally at noon today, I drove to Ganesha (main problem has always been finding a legal place to park, but I was lucky today, whole street to myself) and took away 5 curries for a grand total of 29 Euros. What I appreciate about Ganesha is the fact that the curries usually taste different one from the other. Too often Indian restaurants in Europe tend to make curries that taste more or less the same no matter what they call it. But at Ganesha, a Sagwala Curry is different from a Korma is different from a Madras, Vindaloo, Ceylon curry etc.

Ceylon Fish Curry

Their Dal Soup is pretty good, by the way. And we like their Tandoori chicken and Tikkas. However, I'm not hot on their Pakoras, too heavy and not crispy enough.

Mutton Sagwala

Today I ordered a Lamb Madras (tomato, fresh ginger and coriander leaves-dominant), Butter Chicken (cream and tandoori spices), Mutton Sagwala (with spinach), Paruppu Curry (yellow lentils with curry leaves, cloves, dried chillies, coconut milk etc) and Ceylon-style Fish Curry (similar to the Paruppu).

Paruppu Curry

They were all delicious, I am (eating and typing at the same time) trying hard not to finish up everything myself, but leave some to my beloved hubby who, if all things go well, should be back home tonight. The babies ate their portions with gusto, dipping their papadums in the sauces.

Otherwise, I was back at the dentist's this morning. Went there to have my 3 fillings polished and ended up having one of the cavities re-filled as its filling was already falling out. Doesn't look good. She said that if this continues, I may need to have the tooth crowned. Aye.

Then I went for my German class and the teacher didn't turn up because he couldn't get a train on time thanks to the snow. Must say that we're officially in Spring since yesterday and we woke up to more than 10cm of snow this morning. Since I've already paid for my parking, I decided to take a look at the M for Madonna Collection at H&M.

I caught a first glimpse of it yesterday and nothing caught my fancy. Black, white and beige, classic lines, kind of tame. She has certainly aged, that Madonna. Or she's really taking the English Aristocracy thingy too seriously. But I've always liked her, could never explain why.

Anyway, I took a closer look today and discovered that the clothes also came in silk, wool, cashmire and linen - fabrics that I adore. Better still, I found trenchcoats and bomber jackets in lamb nappa leather - light and trendy! The prices were kind of discouraging at first (Hugo Boss on sale would cost just slightly more), but after trying out a few pieces, I discovered that the cut of most of the clothes was pretty good and that they flattered even a pork like me. I walked out of the shop with 2 leather jackets...Now must lie low for a while and not attract the Hubby's attention too much.

Lembergstrasse 19
70186 Stuttgart

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Magdeline & Juergen a dit…

Hmmm....another restaurant to try if I do go to Stuttgart ;-) As a matter of fact, there is also one Indian restauant in the centre of Göppingen, just opened last August. My girlfriend and I have tried the lunch buffet (6,40 Euro), it's not bad but we have yet to try dishes from their menu card and will do that after she returns from her holiday.

Priscilla Tews a dit…

hey serene
Any idea where is the receipe for Laksa? I tried using the blogger search thing but can´t find it. Thanks! Pris

Beau Lotus a dit…

Hey Pris,

the laksa recipe was posted in July 2006, just go to my archives.

Meanwhile, I'll tah pow curry from Ganesha and have you and Su over for lunch when I come back from my hols (2 weeks), ok? I'm up to my neck now with the packing, visits by the estate agent (owner looking for new tenants) and am finishing more intensively the last 6 classes I have with Berlitz.

See you!!!

Priscilla Tews a dit…

Hey Thanks serene! Shall check it now! Enjoy yr plans for the next few weeks! =)