vendredi, mars 16, 2007

Fried Bee Hoon (Fried Rice Vermicelli)

Fried Bee Hoon

After Priscilla's* visit on Wednesday, I found myself with a whole big packet of bean sprouts (bought them initially to go with the laksa we had for lunch). Not wanting to waste it, I decided to fry them with salted fish (brought over from Singapore last year). And then I told myself, why not add in rice vermicelli as it does go so well with taugay? So I had Fried Bee Hoon for lunch today.

I must say that it didn't look too exciting when it was being cooked. But it's the kind of simple and deceivingly plain dish that grows on you. Baby Girl said that she didn't want to eat it, and when I insisted that she at least try it and she did, she had three servings of the vermicelli. Myself, once I started eating the dish, I couldn't stop. Needless to say, todays' diet has been seriously compromised.

rice vermicelli (soaked in hot water till soft, then drained)
vegetable oil
1 red onion
2 cloves garlic
spring onions
salted fish (sliced, optional)
cooked ham (sliced, optional)
2 eggs (season, make thin omelette and then shred)
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp sherry
dark soy sauce (if you want darker noodles)
light soy sauce
ketchup manis (if you want dark and sweet noodles)
sesame oil
water or stock
fresh chilli (sliced, optional)
bean sprouts
fried shallots and fresh coriander (for garnishing)

The dish is very easy to make, though my version will never taste like the food stall ones simply because I do not use a lot of oil to cook it.

Basically soak the rice vermicelli in salted hot water till it turns soft. Drain and set aside.

Beat the eggs, season with salt and pepper and cook into a thin omelette. Shred into thin pieces.

In a bowl mix the light soy sauce, sesame oil, wine, sugar, salt, pepper and hot stock. Set aside.

Chop the onion and garlic. Fry in a little bit of hot oil till fragrant. If using salted fish, slice it into smaller pieces and add to the oil.

Add the cleaned bean sprouts and sliced fresh chilli. Toss. Add in the rice vermicelli and pour in the bowl of seasoned stock. Stir fry without breaking the noodles. Let it soak up the sauce.

Serve with the omelette, fried shallots and coriander leaves.

*Quite fortunate to have bumped into her at Berlitz where we were both learning German at. A coincidence that this fiesty and pretty girl 10 years my junior should have come from MGS (my sister school) as well as NJC (like myself!).

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Priscilla Tews a dit…

hi dear serene! =) Thanks for featuring me in your blog!So sweet of u. Yr entries r beautiful. Esp the one on yr baby girl. Can really feel yr love for yr children in the words u write. This blog can be a testimony of how much u love yr children. Yr cooking ALWAYS looks super yummilicious. ANd yr laksa is so superb that I´m so tempted to post the pix on my blog and say that I cooked it myself! hahahah. Nah, shall not do that. BTW, I got a morning class - last min, only found out on Fri. My first thought was, oh no! Can´t go shopping with u! Hah. But we can still meet in the afternoon when u r free! Like wednesdays, my sch is at Charlottenplatz.

Beau Lotus a dit…

Talking about shopping, I went to Metzingen (again) this morning and got quite a haul. Only prob was that I scratched my car (at least 15cm) on my way out of the carpark because of the stupid car in front. Now I'm going to get scolded by the hubby...

And next week I'm busy leh. Have to go to the dentist to get 2 large teeth filled up and as they are in the back of the mouth will be delicate and will take time.

BTW there is Su who just arrived in Stuttgart and who will be starting class at IFA next month. Maybe you'll like to meet her too? I haven't talked to her yet but maybe I can organise something before I leave to ski in France.

Priscilla Tews a dit…

Hey Serene, how did the bday party turn out? U def. sound like u had a very stressful day on Fri. Oh dear. You feeling better now? I feel yr disappointment about not being to get a car with sliding roof. Can negotiate a not? How´s the car now? I broke the metal thing on the wheels of our car too, when I was driving out of a super narrow basement carpark. You free to go for lunch tomorrow? (21Mar, wed?) Who´s Su? Is she from sg?