jeudi, mars 15, 2007

A Note on My Sugar

No, I am not going to talk about my Blood-Sugar Level. At this moment it must not be very exemplary since I have been stuffing myself with sugar donuts (Backzeit having promotion - 2 for 89 cents) and as usual almost never exercising.

Just want to mention a detail (friends have commented that I'm too aga-aga in my measurements, discouraging to follow my recipes etc. But sorry, am not going to change things, the recipes are more for my reference than yours anyway).

For a few months now, I almost never use refined white sugar if I can help it. When I mention "brown sugar", it could either be unrefined brown cane sugar or demerara Sugar and when I mention "sugar" it'll usually be fruit sugar. I also use Palm Sugar especially in Thai curries.

I will need to look into the subject a little more seriously though. I am using fructose because it is sweeter than normal table sugar and therefore will be needed in smaller quantities = fewer calories. But apparently it can only be processed in the liver and being a low-reaction sugar may lead to obesity and heart problems. On the other hand, normal sugar breaks down into glucose that could lead to sugar spikes and insulin problems. What a headache.

In the meantime, can't tell Backzeit to change their sugar on the donuts. Will have to stop eating them. Bad girl.

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