samedi, mars 17, 2007

Friday the 16th

Friday was one of those days when things just never seem to go right.

First thing in the morning, I received Hubby's latest speeding fine in the mail.

At 6:30pm Eldest Son turned up at the doorstep when he was supposed to be attending Judo class. He had managed to get his Kimono locked up in school (while he was kicking ball with his friends) and could therefore not turn up for Judo practice. Then I found out that he had actually forgotten (at school) 2 jackets in 3 days in the same week as well!

Then Hubby called from the highway between Modena and Milan to inform me that he was stuck in a massive traffic jam on his way to the airport and might miss his flight. Well, he had spent more than 4 hours (on a journey that should normally last less than 2 hours) on the road and did indeed still miss his flight. And that was the last flight out of Milan for Stuttgart. So much for my changing the bedsheets and cleaning the toilets in a rush this afternoon, they wouldn't be in a state the next day to impress - after the 3 monsters have had their way with them.

Better still, he called again later to inform me that the Lancia Phedra I wanted is no longer available with automatic gears. They have stopped making it. Also that starting this month, the Group has changed its rules and that we would no longer be able to order a company car with Xenon headlamps, sliding roof and leather seats. Why couldn't they change their rules next month instead? I could live without leather, but I certainly would need Xenon lights, I am very myopic and astigmatic and would need all the light in the world when I drive in the evening. And what's the point of living in a warmer country if we couldn't drive with the roof open? I have a sliding roof now and the weather is not warm enough to open it often...

I sense that we are going to have a very rush weekend again. And I have loads to do as baby Boy turns 3 on Sunday and I have planned a party for him. I haven't cleaned the house, nor wrapped the presents and I have certainly not started cooking. And the other bad news was that the Enzo Ferrari (with pedals) that we wanted to offer baby Boy will not arrive in time for his Birthday. He probably doesn't really care about it (ignorance is bliss), but I certainly am disappointed.

Maybe Saturday will turn out to be a better day.

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Dutchess a dit…

Yikes! One of them days, huh? I can so relate....

I hope the weekend made up for it though.