lundi, octobre 30, 2006

Seafood Soup

Ever since one of Hubby's best friends suffered a stroke and underwent heart bypass surgery, he has started to jog at least once a week and would go on and on about the Cretan Diet (CD for short here). So Yours Truly have to work a little harder and crack the brains for dishes that could fall within the CD requirements and this Seafood Soup is one of them.

Olive Oil
Onions (sliced)
Garlic (sliced)
Fennel/Anis Seeds
Fish Stock
Chicken Stock
White wine
Chilli powder (optional)

Red Bell Peppers
Cocktail Tomatoes

White Fish (e.g. Cod, Stingray...)
Tiger Prawns
Prawn Dumplings (optional)
Other Seafood like Mussles, Clams... (optional)

Salt and Pepper
Lemon juice

In a non-stick casserole brown the onions and garlic in some olive oil. Add in the celery, aniseeds, carrots and red peppers. Pour in the stocks, white wine, the herbs and a few safran threads. Simmer for a few minutes till the soup is fragrant and the carrots cooked. Add in the mushrooms, zucchini and tomatoes. Simmer for another few minutes. Five minutes before serving, add in the fish, prawn dumplings and prawns, add salt and pepper to taste and squeeze in some lemon juice. Serve hot with chilli powder or fresh red chilli if you wish.

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