vendredi, octobre 06, 2006


Legoland (Germany) is just an hour from my place, between Stuttgart and Munich. It costs almost the same for adults (30 Euros) and children (25 Euros) and is worth a visit. But be prepared to pay not just the entry fees but also spend on ice slushes, pop corn, sausages and more importantly - the wide range of Lego merchandise!

The queues were long though maybe not as long as in Disneyland and I think the rides were great when you have young children (my 2.5 and 4 year-olds could do most of them).

There were a few roller coasters and the Bionicle ride was rather innovative - you could programme the speed etc (so even my mom went on it). I love the Lego mini-world, these people are geniuses and artists.

We brought foie gras sandwiches to picnic in the park and bought some ice-cream, pop corn etc sur place. I must say that compared to most other parks, the prices for tit-bits etc were reasonable. The variety was quite decent too.

Only problem was that the opening hours were quite short (10h-19h, but all rides closed at 18h) and we couldn't finish the park in a day. Didn't even catch any shows, for example. Also, the parking was quite steep at 4 Euros per vehicle.

Those living in Germany, watch out for free entry coupons for children (though each child will have to be accompanied by a paying adult) on milk bottles (e.g. Landliebe), Lego boxes etc. Otherwise, if you buy online (, you'll get 10% discount though you'll need to wait a week for your tickets to reach you.

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