mardi, septembre 02, 2008

Baby Boy Can Cycle!

Baby Boy inherited his sis' old bike and repeated her feat

It took me at least a week to learn how to cycle when I was 11. I remember riding into trees, having bruises all over and being the laughing stock of the kids in the park - though I should be kissed for perseverance. And to make up for it, whoever is up there has given me 3 kids who - believe it or not - all got on their bikes and cycled almost immediately. First time right. I honestly am awed.

Baby Girl on her new bike

Eldest Son did it when we were living in Andalucia and he was 5. Baby Girl did it last year when we were living in Stuttgart and she wasn't even 5 then. And this Spring, it was Baby Boy's turn, just after he turned 4! And it wasn't easy since we only have uneven grassland surrounding the house. But he's a very determined little boy.

Isn't he the most wonderful, intelligent and gorgeous Baby Boy on earth?

And to prove it further, here are some pics of his last presentation at school before we broke for Summer :

Showing me a book on animals

"Animals Meet"

Baby Boy's version

Chocolate leaves made with their teacher

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