samedi, septembre 13, 2008

Tarzan in my Jungle

Baby Boy on top of his Lil' House

What does this Tarzan eat to become so strong?

Steak Tartare

How about a Steak Tartare with raw egg and all all on his own?

And what do you make of his need to tie ropes and strings all over the place?

And even his sister too?

4 commentaires:

Unknown a dit…

Oh, that's cute!

Sonny-boy had a similar phase too of sealing up doorways and entrances with meters of scotch tape. We used to go through rolls and rolls in a week. I bought the cheap ones so he could stick to his little heart's content without bleeding mine. He was trying to copy the police yellow crime scene tapes. At that time, I was (still am) crazy about CSI the series ....

Your tarzan is a real carnivore. LOL. Even I wouldn't touch steak tartare, let alone a raw egg.

petite fleur a dit…

Steak tartare at that age ? I'm impressed. Well done, maman.

Dutchess - that's funny about the crime scene tapes. It's something I probably have done when I was a kid too.

SIG a dit…

Oh, he does indeed look like tarzan in the first pic. Haha. Ooo... steak tartare. No way for me.

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

This tying everything up business is actually quite a pain. You sometimes couldn't leave in a hurry because someone has tampered with the shoelaces.

The other day I told the Hub that maybe Baby Boy would run a sado-maso private club in the future coz I saw him handcuffing his sister, turned her over on her stomach and then started to tie her legs together with a rope...

And yes, he loves meat. Actually all 3 of them love steak tartare like their father. I cannot stomach the thing at all. And they wouldn't eat beef if it's not red and bloody inside either. Very French, I guess. And makes them laugh when they watch Mister Bean throwing away his tartare :-)