dimanche, septembre 07, 2008

Sole Meunière

Sole Meunière

I've not been blogging much about my own cooking lately but it doesn't mean that I've not been slaving in the kitchen since I came back from my Summer holidays. It's just that I've been making the usual stuff, stuff that I've already blogged about. Though each time that I make the same dish, I believe that I actually do it differently from the last time and each time an improvement on the last. Or so I hope.

School started for the kids last Thursday. And with it my social calendar. Coffee mornings, lunches, outings, meetings, play dates etc. The beginning of the school year is also synonymous with hunting for extra-curricular activities for the children and this year instead of activities for just one kid, I have to plan for 3. Swimming lessons, tennis, golf, dance, guitar...In addition, Eldest Son will also be working privately (with me) on his French since the school will only be providing 60 minutes of French (culture) each week which though better than nothing is not going help stop his French from going downhill. From my experience, to better learn other languages, it helps if you know your own well enough to start with. I will just have to look upon this as an opportunity for me to revise my flailing French.

I also need to work out some support for Eldest Son's therapy needs. I will expand on this in another post, but suffice to say that he had undergone 2 months of therapy in Singapore (Occupational Therapy and Dynamic Assessment) this Summer and while not expecting miracles, I have hope that he has come back a calmer, more organised child and could hopefully enjoy a better school year ahead.

For myself, I will continue with my flute lessons, do a bit of gardening, work on my piano playing, improve my cooking, maybe learn how to play golf, read up more on how to modify the brain - and try seriously to lose some weight. I'm a good 17 Kgs over my pre-Babies weight and this is starting to weigh on my morale. Not just the bones.

Talking about bones, this is one bony fish that both the Hub and Eldest Son actually like and which is both easy to make and delicious to consume. A French classic - Sole Meunière.

A few good-sized Soles (gutted and with skin removed)
A few pinches of Turmeric (optional)
Enough Flour to coat the fishes
Olive Oil
Salted Butter
Lemon juice

Prepare the flour by adding some turmeric, salt and pepper to it and mixing well. Wash then pat dry the soles with some kitchen towel and coat both sides of each fish gently with the flour.

In a non-stick frying pan, heat up some olive oil. Slide the soles into the oil. When one side is nicely grilled, turn it over to the other side for grilling. Add some salted butter on top of the grilled side and it will slowly and gently start to melt over the fish. Squeeze some lemon juice over the sole and serve it hot.

I served mine with some spinach in garlic-scented olive oil.

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bellatigre a dit…

Heh S, have you got a super fried rice recipe to share? One that includes lap cheong.

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Yo E! Good idea, the next time I make Fried Rice I'll blog about it.

Otherwise I have a Pineapple Fried Rice recipe http://beaulotus.blogspot.com/2006/03/my-balinese-satay-lilit-and-fried.html
but it's not easy to read, you have to be patient, it was posted in my early blogging days.