lundi, septembre 15, 2008

Baby Girl starts Grade 1

My (not so) little Baby Girl joins the PYP Programme (Grade 1) at the ISM this school year. She has a new teacher, some old friends and a few new ones. The teacher looks like a teenager but is actually not so young any more :-). And she seems really nice and competent, hopefully she'll be able to help Baby Girl start reading and writing this year as the little one would have if she had remained in the French school system.

I've been told by many that the girl is too fat (like me). So I will have to watch what she eats and try to stop her from growing fatter. She has an excellent appetite and really loves food, which is great when you belong to our family. I wouldn't know what to do if I should have a child who eats like a bird.

Baby Girl is also tall for her age. The blue vichy print school dress she's wearing is a size 7 from Marks and Spencer. And she'll only turn 6 in December!

This year she will improve her swimming at the local pool and has decided that she will take up golf like Eldest Son. Baby Boy however has his mind set on learning tennis. He also wants to do archery but is still too little for it.

Voilà a little update on the Babies for the beginning of this school year.

2 commentaires:

SIG a dit…

Oh wow, all grown up. Love the uniform. :)

citygirl a dit…

I also in loved with the school uniform, good choice.