dimanche, septembre 21, 2008

Pho Fans - Bistro Vietnamien, Shanghai

One of its Grilled Dishes

OK, I've never been to Shanghai so what am I doing blogging about a restaurant there?

Well, some of you may remember this restaurant in Paris that I blogged about some time ago - Les Jardins de Mandchourie. Well, its young and enterprising owner has just opened a restaurant in Shanghai, this time a simple one specialising in Vietnamese Pho and Lemongrass Grilled Meats and Seafood. From what I knew, he spent a few months learning how to make a good Pho from one of the Vietnamese Pho masters in Paris before setting out on his Chinese adventure. Knowing his love for things well-done, I know that his Viet Bistro will be a success - like his Northern Chinese Restaurant in Paris.

So if any of you have a chance to live in or pass through Shanghai, and if you should wish to eat Vietnamese for a change, please do think of giving Pho Fans - Bistrot Vietnamien a try.

And let me know what you think of it.

PS : If you can read Chinese, check out the reviews at Dianping. They are already starting to rave about the service.

Pho Fans - Bistrot Vietnamien
500, East Jinling Road,
Tel : 021-63737797
Metro: line 8, Station: Dashijie

4 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Here i am wishing i was in Shanghai right now! Looks delish.

One Wheel a dit…

I am going to Shanghai next month! my first trip but I'm not a Pho fan leh.

Anonyme a dit…

We ate lunch at this place yesterday, now eating leftover braised pig trotters & red bean soup. Husband gets the mapo-tofu & bittergourd stirfry leftovers for his lunch.

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Mae, you're back! It has been a long wait but well worth it. Love your last entries - as usual.

One Wheel, I'm sure you'll find lots of other stuff to eat - just don't go dairy (er...)

Umami, I envy your leftovers especially the mapo tofu. It's difficult to find a half decent one here in Modena.