mardi, septembre 02, 2008

Banana Leaf Apolo, Singapore

Banana Leaf Apolo, Singapore

Anna is probably my oldest friend today. From way back in Secondary 1 in PLMGSS. She did my makeup on my wedding day in Tours (France) and each time I return home for a visit, she would bring me out for dinner. On my last trip, I asked to dine at the Banana Leaf Apolo in Race Course Road (Little India).

I love going to Little India, looking at the saris and Punjabi suits for both adults and children only I didn't buy any as I know nothing about their quality and prices. I also love the smells and colours (e.g. from the garlands, spices, titbits...), the music playing in some of the shops reminding me of the dancing-round-coconut-trees Bollywood movies I used to follow as a kid in Singapore...And of course, I just love Indian food and we were lucky to be able to grow up with it, have it everyday and everywhere if we so wish.

On that occasion, I had so desired to eat my curries on a banana leaf. And smell curry leaves (incidentally I have tonnes of it now courtesy of my 3rd aunt who grows them in her garden). And meet Anna, of course.

She doesn't look a day older from the last time I saw her. Actually I suspect that she belongs to those women who look better than ever as they age. My favourite buffet kaki from my lost youth is now 20Kgs lighter than me. So no more buffets together, she wouldn't be able to eat enough to make it worth the money.

South Indian Sri Lankan Crab Curry

I ate a portion of Curry Crabs all on my own. Boy, have I missed the good ole South Indian stuff. We shared pappadums and a Mutton Curry. Downed all the yummy stuff with 2 glasses of fresh lime juice. She had some fish cutlet thingy. And took the opportunity to practise her Tamil (her dad's family's from Puducherry I was to find out during this meeting) with the waiters and since I couldn't understand a word I can't tell you if it was as good as my Hokkien :-).

After dinner we took a walk in the neighbourhood where you could see groups of foreign Indian workers watching TV in public or just hanging around relaxing after a day's work. And I was quite surprised to see Mainland Chinese waiters everywhere. Even in Little India!

There are many interesting Indian restaurants (from different regions in India) in the area and I made a mental note to return another time with the Hub to try them out. As for Anna and myself, we had an Indian coffee (bru?) to round up the evening. Till the next time, old school friend.

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