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Family Day 2008

Family Day 2008

Today is one day that I've been waiting for. As many may know, Ferrari's a fortress. It's not some place that any Tom, Dick or Harry may penetrate. The Hub has been working there for more than a year now and I've never been allowed to enter the company. But this morning, all the employees and their families have been formally invited to visit the legend. It's Family Day 2008 and apparently only held once every 2 years.

The welcome leaflet

Actually I'm not really interested in machines and motors and things like that. I just want to visit the Hub's office and see for myself the place where he spends almost 12 hours daily in the week (and sometimes even weekends).

Areas open for visiting

I understand why Ferrari is said to be the one of the best places in which to work. The buildings have been beautifully designed. Once you enter the main gates, it's a world in itself.

The Hub has his office in this modern glass building behind the Wind Gallery. It's a beauty. On one level there is a Japanese-inspired Zen-concept stone and water garden and when you are in your office or in a meeting room, you will usually be able to look out into this garden and enjoy its beauty. Calm down. Maybe forget that you're actually in a mad house (we're in Italy after all).

The pebbles in the zen pond

I finally understood why the Dutchess' Hub told me that I should be proud of the Hub. His Department takes up half of this beautiful building. We sneaked up to his office and boy, was it gorgeous. Big, simple, stylish, bright and powerful. His kingdom. And very clean and organised. Can't believe that the guy who leaves his socks everywhere in the house leaves nothing on his desk at work.

Even the toilets in the building are beautiful. They even have bidets. Why would you need a bidet in the office?

In the meeting rooms, everything is stylishly designed and of good quality. Like chairs covered in Poltrona Frau leather and embossed with the Ferrari logo. You are constantly reminded of the fact that this is a temple of good taste, style and class. Not like our Ikea home, haha.

The California

We also visited the assembly lines (both the old and the new), the new canteen and best of all, the usually secret place where the new California is being assembled. Now, I'm honestly not a fan of the masculine and sportive lines of the usual Ferrari. But the new California takes my breath away. I personally know the guy who's responsible for its style and if you know the guy you'll understand why the car is so simple and stylish - just like him. This car is a beauty. If I'm rich and famous, I'll want it. Actually I want it though I'm poor and unknown.


Hub explained that Ferrari is unique right from the start because it made/makes motors with 8 or 12 cylinders like no other. I am pretty happy with my Lancia Phedra but it only has 4 cylinders. Can you imagine having 8 or 12? I can't.

We didn't have time to visit the factory in Modena or the rest of Ferrari in Maranello for that matter. Ferrari is really quite big and the problem with its Family Day is that it didn't provide any entertainment and/or food for the children - so after just an hour they were bored and hungry and screaming to leave. Still, I'm quite happy with what we've seen. Thank you, Ferrari, for Family Day 2008. For letting the family share for a few hours the Chief's workplace.

PS : No pictures allowed (though it didn't stop the Italians from snapping happily away) on the other side of the gate, so I'll refrain from posting the ones that could be sensitive.

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SIG a dit…

Oh wow, that's lovely, to visit hub's 'other' life. I've never been to mine's office too as you need to have a pass to enter. Princess has been brought in by him, but mummy's not allowed.

Anonyme a dit…

Hey BeauLotus, great article and pictures! You make a day out to an office building actually sound inspiring :)

By the way, your food pics look delicious.

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

SIG, they wouldn't even allow him to bring in the kids. Once Eldest Son spent an hour with the security guards at the entrance when the Hub went to the office to do a few things. You should suggest that they do a Family Day in the office grounds...:-)

Hi Dapne, thanks for visiting. Nice discovering your blog too, at my advanced age I certainly could do with inspiring blogs like yours. Starting to feel jaded...

SIG a dit…

Haha, oh, yes, I did hear that they have a day they can bring in the kids to work end of the year. I hope that happens. I don't think much work will get done that day. ;)

Anonyme a dit…


i m looking for some pictures of the spyder #0450 it was blu/red leafther and is owner was Bao Dai, Emperor of Indochina.

Do you have something who can helps me?

Enjoy your day

ps: you can use for pictures.

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Hi Christian,

Fear I'm of no help. The Hub wouldn't entertain me in things like that so I won't even try.

You may wish to try Ferrari's Public Relations dept or the Ferrari Club.

Good luck.

Anonyme a dit…

Hi Beau lotus,

i found it, the car was reconfigurate in berlinetta LWB TDF, it s a shame because originaly it was a real and spectacular car. the combinaison of color was bleu ext /red int.
Here a pic of 0450 375MM spyder PF.

thanks for your help

ps: i like the Zen touch in your web.