dimanche, septembre 14, 2008

Mooncake Festival

Double Salted Egg Yolk, Lotus Paste and Melon Seed Mooncake

I see my blogger friends churning out mooncakes by the dozen lately and I rejoice for them. Think of the calories coming from the joy of consuming the sweet delicacies. Not to forget the fun in making them.

I could of course join in the fun. But I do not see any purpose in doing so as the only mooncakes I like are the ones with salted egg yolks. And you can't find salted egg yolks here in Modena. Actually I also like the crispy skin yam filling ones and maybe that I'll try making when I'd have lost all the flab (so don't be expecting any mooncakes from me, in other words).

The Mooncake/Lantern/Mid-Autumn Festival is actually quite a lovely event. Mom used to make quite something out of it when we were kids, feeding us pomelos, mooncakes, yams, lingjiao (this nutty thing in the shape of a horn) and giving us lovely lanterns to carry around in the neighbourhood. We would sometimes go to the Chinese Garden to visit the lantern exhibition too. She would also tell us stories about the Moon Maiden and girls crossing bridges or something trying to find their partners under the Full Moon of the 8th Lunar Month of the Chinese Calendar. The mooncakes also have a patriotic story behind them, allowing for the overthrow of the Mongol rulers of the Yuan Dynasty and the establishment of the Ming Dynasty.

Still, I asked the parents to get me one with double salted egg yolk for the occasion. Via special courrier service aka Eldest Son. Happy Mooncake Festival, everyone!

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bellatigre a dit…

That mooncake looks really good. We finished our mini-mooncakes from Singapore two weeks after we got back to Italy in mid August so the for the mooncake fest, I got two 'made in China' ones which I am sure will not be the same as the ones in Singapore but will have to do :-P Are there pomelos over there in Maranello cos I can find them here in TO, even at other times of the year!

SIG a dit…

That's a lovely story. And a beautiful mooncake. I love the yam ones too as well as baked lotus paste with TWO yolks! You said you might try making the yolks again, I guess not worth the effort.

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Nope can't find nothing here in Modena.

Actually I just ate the salted egg yolks and left most of the mooncake alone. Too sweet...LOL

D, you remembered that I wanted to try making salted eggs again? I failed in my 1st attempt 2 years ago in Stuttgart. But now that winter is coming, maybe I can try again.

SIG a dit…

Yes, you told me you wanted to try making them. :)