jeudi, août 28, 2008

Singapore Day Zoo

No, not Ah Meng, she died in Feb

I like to bring the kids to the Zoo in Singapore. It is wonderful having a chance to erase memories of animals in cages. And I can still see myself as a kid in a Zoo T-shirt with my name printed on it - for I am my mom's eldest and was her only love a very long time ago. And Ah Meng was still pretty young then.

Plus it was one of those days when I had a few birds to kill with the same stone.

I've always known the Singapore Zoo as the Mandai Zoo - since it is situated in Mandai. A few years ago, they built an important Cemetary in Mandai with some army training ground nearby since you can hear rifle shots when you're there. They probably thought it was a good idea since there is little chance of waking up the dead (and cremated).

I have almost all of my ancestors there. Lined up in Block ? Level ? Unit ?. In Singapore, dead or alive, you usually live in a flat.

And so duty called, asking me to bring my children to pay our respects to those who lived and died before us. Besides they have made it quite convenient for us to visit both the Cemetary and the Zoo - by bus (less than 30 minutes) from Ang Mo Kio.

Right before us

I love this Zoo. Orang Utans now swing freely above us as we walked. You can get really close up to many animals and those who tend to be a little dangerous you are separated from them by a little stream or glass panel - not cages.

They were still constructing the children's play area during our visit, but I'm sure that once it's ready it'll give us one more reason to bring our kids to the Zoo. On our last visit 2 years ago, we learnt that we should have brought along a towel and swimwear for the kids as they could play with water when they were there.

4 bucks per kid per round pony ride

Those with a lot of stamina could finish visiting the Day Zoo and continue in the evening with the Night Safari. We had loved it too the last time we were there.

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Edith a dit…

My kids adores the wet play area. Sometime I wonder why we go to the zoo instead of the swimming pool.