mardi, janvier 12, 2010

Spinach Pasta a la Lor Mee

Spinach Tagliatelle Lor Mee

Once in a while, I like a nice plate of Lor Mee. It's a Hokkien-style seafood noodle dish made with a prawn soup base, generous bits of garlic and ginger, sauces and flour. I was going to skip lunch today since I was at the Armani sale this morning and then had to attend a PTA meeting at the school. But kept thinking of noodles in a dark starchy sauce and finally gave in and made myself some Spinach Pasta Lor Mee. Was late by 10 minutes for the meeting, not too bad, took me less than 30 minutes to whip up the dish.

Of course I had to take a few short cuts this time since I do not have any prawn stock. Made do with an ikan bilis cube and had to use fresh spinach tagliatelle instead of fresh thick Chinese yellow noodles. Ate it with fried onions, a dash of black vinegar, a 3/4 boiled egg and lots of fresh chilli. The sliced mushrooms added a nice touch to the dish too. Kept some of the lor mee for the Babies and they ate up everything for tea.

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SIG a dit…

That looks yummy and the eggs are gorgeous! I love lor mee.