samedi, janvier 30, 2010

Home-made Tagliolini al Ragu

Home-made Tagliolini al Ragu

Hub was resistent to me buying the pasta machine, but once we have it, he couldn't wait to use it. He came back from Munich this morning at 2 (there was alot of snow there and the plane couldn't take off), but the first thing he did when he woke up was to spend 2 hours making a Ragu sauce - to go with home-made fresh tagliolini.

Rolling out the pasta dough

Using the pasta machine was a family event, from kneading the dough to rolling it out to be passed through the machine, to cutting the sheet into tagliolini. Everyone had a turn turning the handle as we have decided not to use the electric component so that it would be more fun.

Freshly cut Tagliolini (and a glass of Eiswein)

Needless to say, Home-made Tagliolini al Ragu is really something else, the Babies finished their portions before we even started eating ours and asked for seconds. We also grated the old parmesan cheese ourselves to complete the meal. Hub said we should make ravioli the next time.

After lunch the Babies went outside to play in the snow. This weekend we are stuck at home as there are 2 birthday parties for the children to attend. There are lots of animal footprints in the snow, proof of their visit to our house in the night. I put out my leftovers each evening, thus reducing the amount of waste we generate for dumping and at the same time I feed the animals who hang around our house.

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2 commentaires:

Wendy a dit…

Salut Serene!

I really enjoy reading your blog full of receipes. They look good to eat. Come to my house one day and help me cook nice food!

You gave us ideas, we think of making fresh pasta tomorrow Sunday!

Hope you are well and fun, in this white snowy weather.

Gros bises

Beau Lotus a dit…

Wendy, avez-vous une machine ou bien allez-vous faire la pasta à la main?

There is no more flight to Birmingham from Bologna, that's one less option for a London trip.

Hope you're all doing fine till I see you again.