jeudi, janvier 28, 2010

Ferrari's F10 Maranello for Formula Uno 2010

Alonso, Montezzemolo and Massa

Hub sent me an sms to tell me that he was at the launch of Ferrari's new racing car the F10 Maranello (they've given up on the F60 for now, I think) for the new F1 season, and that they were on TV (RAI Sport). So I turned on the LCD and watched the televised launch.

Domenicalli was speaking at that time and then he got Massa, Alonso and Fisichella to come on stage to unveil the new car, flanked by the California and 458 Italia.

Massa and Alonso then made a speech and you can see that the latter was really pleased to be driving for Ferrari - at last. Rumours had it that he had always wanted to drive for Ferrari and as World Champion (twice) in the past he should be the ideal candidate to do so. But when Todt was around, he had apparently said no. And now with Santander as the big sponsor, he finally got to be part of the Scuderia. Anyway, I'm really hopeful that together with Massa he will bring victory to Ferrari this year. Last year had been a nightmare for all of us.

Domenicalli and the pilots

Domenicalli reminded the audience that Ferrari is the only team in the F1 to make its car from the beginning to the end at Maranello. The car and the engine. And when Montezzemolo came on stage to make his speech, he talked of the car being more Italian than ever - something we've all noticed for sure. There has been quite a staff turnover in the last 2 years and they all tend to be replaced by Italians. I met LP's Italian housekeeper a few months ago and the lady's son works in the company. She claimed that many Italians were wondering if the Scuderia wasn't winning because they have gotten rid of too many foreigners. Hmm. But this year they've gotten a few new foreigners (including a French guy for aerodynamics), so we'll see.

The President also talked of approaching the new season with a healthy dose of humility and with both feet on the ground. Nonetheless, he hoped that the new team with Alonso (Fisichella remains as the 3rd driver) will bring Ferrari to its rightful position in the F1. He confirms that Ferrari's vocation is to keep ahead of technology in its field, to be an avant-garde in the automotive industry. However, they will also work towards creating a more ecological car and believes that their 599 Hybrid (to be unveiled in Geneva) will put them on the path to the future, a future where one will need to marry technology and ecology.

We are also reminded that Ferrari has had 61 seasons in the history of the F1, though emotions in the new season still run high, like those at the beginning so many decades ago - meaning that they have not lost the taste and love for racing and of making the right cars for it.

Sun and snow - beautiful day!

In the hall there were Ferrari employees (including my dear Hub), sponsors, suppliers, the police, military and other partners. Costa and 2 other directors went on stage to talk about the new car, though that didn't interest me so I went to admire my garden from the window. And whatever I've told you is from my limited understanding of the Italian language, so I do not take any responsibility for any resulting misunderstanding.

Viva l'Italia, Viva la Scuderia!

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