mercredi, janvier 27, 2010

Fried Dried Shrimp Rolls

Fried Dried Shrimp Rolls

Now I know why Bengawan Solo charges so much for their tiny fried dried shrimp rolls. The ingredients are cheap and easy to prepare, but rolling those tiny rolls would require agile fingers and lots of patience - which I don't possess. So better let other people roll them for you.

Since there are only so many Lemper Udang that I could consume on my own, I decided to use the leftover filling to make a few fried dried shrimp rolls. I have spring roll wrapper in the freezer, but decided to use the remaining fresh brick pastry that I have. Started rolling a few and got really bored and decided to fry them as I would a brick - much easier. But it's still boring labour so I've decided to spare myself the trouble and will have to find other use for what's left of the filling. Besides, frying is really oily, I now have to drink a pot of Chinese tea to remove the oily feeling from my stomach.

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edith a dit…

hahaha... turned on the radio or TV. Sing while you roll.