dimanche, janvier 31, 2010

Laksa Fried Rice

Laksa Fried Rice

If I could think off-hand what dessert to make with dried shrimps, I would make it. But since I do not have friendly, helpful guinea pigs at home, and not sure how much more I could stuff the neighbour's dog(s) with, I decided to make Laksa Fried Rice instead.

I was saved quite a bit of trouble thanks to Santa's packet of Laksa Fried Rice paste from Prima Taste. Since I have fresh laksa leaves from my laksa plant (that is cohabiting with some tulips - I re-used the soil not knowing that there were bulbs inside) and lots of dried shrimps, the dish was almost begging to be made.

My laksa plant

This is yummy and the dried shrimps added a lovely touch to the dish - if I may say so.

Snow in our yard

It has finally stopped snowing. I daresay that the kids would be out making a snowman and having a snowball fight the minute they come home from the birthday party. I like it when it snows. You actually feel less cold and can have fun with the snow at the same time. Hub is preparing a few carrots, walnuts etc for the snowman. I'm getting out the ski suits.

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Su-Lin a dit…

I've never seen laksa fried rice before! And to think there's a spice paste for it too... I'll have to look out for this packet.