dimanche, janvier 24, 2010

Imperia Pasta Maker

Imperia Pasta Maker

I gave up trying to resist and finally bought myself an Imperia Pasta Maker. Maria my pasta teacher said that if one must have a pasta maker, one must buy an Imperia. So when I saw it on offer at Media Markt (thanks, Jan, for the tip-off) this afternoon, I smiled at the Hub (arms full of DVDs) and told him that I was going to buy myself one.

He would have complained ("it's going to be another white elephant"), but that stack of DVDs cost as much as my machine...Besides, we went there thinking of buying a 50-inch plasma (we have decided that we do not like LCDs), and ended up changing our minds, saving more than a thousand bucks, so what's a pasta machine, right?

We noticed that all our electrical appliances seem not to hold out in our current house. It must have something to do with the Italian electricity and tension, all that sudden blackouts here and there, the lack of power etc. New or old, most of my appliances have gone mad since we're here, and some gone for good. We were talking of buying an American fridge and a new plasma, but decided not to do so while we're still living in Italy and having problems with the current.

I nearly had a Kitchen Aid. Hub's current boss used to work for Whirlpool and has discounts for many things ranging from fridges to...Kitchen Aid. It got me all excited, but Hub said no. I've never seen you use your Kenwood...Since we need to save for furniture from Poltrona Frau (that'll be our next big purchase), I've decided that I can live without a KA. It's true that I have my Kenwood and I love it.

Family pasta-making session

We had a family pasta-making session this morning. Hub wanted to learn how to make fresh pasta and the kids wanted to play with dough. We didn't use the pasta maker though as I hadn't had the time to read through the instructions. Besides, it's something to do together so just by hand was good enough.

Fresh pasta

Mmm...fresh pasta is really the best. It is good to know that no matter where we go to next in the world, we'll be able to make our own pasta. We had 3 sauces to go with them : Ragu, Arrabbiata and Artichoke.

For our second course, we had Bricks. I bought the brick pastry when we were in France, something you cannot find here in Modena. Most North African restaurants in France would serve you these fried parcels filled with egg, tuna or minced meat. It's very easy to make and quite delicious once in a while. I didn't get to take any pictures as it was a fast operation, you cook it fast and eat it fast.

5 commentaires:

Pris a dit…

Well done you! The fresh pasta looks very professional! And to make it into a family affair, that´s really cool family bonding time! :)

edith a dit…

what briliant idea of family bonding.

Now I look forward to seeing use your new toy.

Beau Lotus a dit…

I've hidden my machine, too lazy to read instruction manual. Just happy to have bought it haha.

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) a dit…

I have one too, but seldom use. Nice to have fresh pasta huh.

SIG a dit…

Wow, lucky you! How much would a pasta maker cost? And that is really great getting the family to cook together. :)