lundi, janvier 25, 2010

Banana Pecan Nut Cake - the Picture

Banana Pecan Nut Cake

Some of you may remember my kitchen disaster not too long ago where I dropped my whole Banana Pecan Nut Cake on the floor before I could even eat it. After seeing 2 lovely chocolate banana cakes fresh out from Precious Moments' oven, I felt that I had to get out of my lethargy and bake my cake again - if only to get a picture of it and use up my remaining 2 ripe bananas.

This time I added little chunks of dark chocolate to the dough before baking the cake - a really nice touch. And took great care to do what my mom has always told me to do - use both hands to remove the cake from the oven.

In the oven

Hub, who is ever critical of my (in)ability to bake, conceded, "OK, this cake you know how to make" and promptly polished off half of it after dinner all on his own.

2 commentaires:

SIG a dit…

hahahah congrats on getting it right this time!

edith a dit…

hahha... your hubby is under estimating you. Show it to him girl that you are not only a good cook but a good baker as well.