vendredi, janvier 29, 2010

Fresh Mango on Sticky Rice

Fresh Mango on Sweetened Sticky Rice

I don't ever eat mangoes, but Hub loves it. Whenever he visits Singapore he would get the royal treatment from my parents, with chilled cut fresh mangoes waiting for him in the fridge every evening. And his favourite dessert in a Thai restaurant is none other than a good Fresh Mango on Sweetened Sticky Rice.

I have made alot of glutinous rice the other day for my lemper udang, and Hub, not missing the occasion, mentioned that I should pair it with the mangoes I have just bought. It is true that I rarely make glutinous rice because I hate having to steam it, not having the cone-shaped basket for steaming large quantities of the rice.

And since he just called home telling me that he had bought me a giant scraper for the windscreen from OBI in Munich, I had to reward him. In case you wonder why this obsession with the scraper, well, I have lost the one I had from Stuttgart and am very frustrated with the joke of a scraper they sell here in Modena. Tiny plastic scraper (sold for less than 2 euros) that is smaller than the kids' equipment for the beach. Apparently many Italians use a spray to remove frost from their windscreens (very unfriendly to the environment) and therefore you cannot find the big ones anywhere. The scraper Hub bought is made in Canada. You can imagine that it wouldn't be anything to laugh about. In fact, German customs didn't, Hub almost couldn't leave Munich with it.

Fresh Mango on Sticky Rice :

Fresh ripe mango (peeled and sliced)
120ml Coconut milk (for dessert, more of the cream and only a bit of the milk)
2 Tbsp Sugar
1/8 Tsp Salt
Glutinous rice (soaked and steamed)

Basically you cook the sticky rice (with water/coconut milk, salt, sugar and pandan leaves).

Then combine the coconut milk, sugar and salt in a bowl and microwave till the sugar is dissolved in the milk (or do it the traditional way in a saucepan, but not to boiling point). Pour some of it over the cooked sticky rice and let the rice soak it up. Then place the mango slices on top of the rice and pour more of the sweetened coconut sauce over it.

Personally I think it's important to add salt to the sweetened coconut milk as I think this slightly salty taste brings out the sweetness of the dessert even better. It's what makes many coconut milk-based Thai desserts interesting.

Hub's still waiting for the plane to take off. Too much snow in Munich. And the house is shaking all over as I'm typing this. Those stupid kids are wrestling and fighting with each other upstairs. I am going to go scream.

My messy spice station

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bellatigre a dit…

Ahhhhhh! I wanna make this for M too, he too luuuuuurves mangoes especially Pakistani ones and goes gaga over them whenever we are back in Singapore too.

Beau Lotus a dit…

Can you find the Paki ones in Turin? We sometimes get them in the Indian shop here. But most often you only find the Brazilian ones.

Somehow I just never eat them.

bellatigre a dit…

You have Paki mangoes in Maranello?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gotta tell M. I haven't seen an Indian shop here yet.The only mangoes we get here are Brazilian ones. Last time we were back in Singapore, we brought back some Thai and Aussie mangoes with us to Turin.

ok when it's mango season, we are going to pop over to Maranello to get the Paki mangoes.

Beau Lotus a dit…

Ahem, they call them Indian mangoes here :-). And the quality is not always good after the transportation. It's in the Indian shop in Modena opposite the Grand Emilia mall.