vendredi, janvier 22, 2010

Birkenstock and Heidi Klum

Red Birkenstocks styled by Heidi Klum

Hub dislikes Birkenstocks. The French in him finds them ugly. He also finds Crocs ugly. And I, of course, have a mountain of Crocs shoes and sandals at home. This is to say that I also own a pair of Birkenstocks purchased a few years ago in Stuttgart.

They have leather straps and are very comfortable. I love them. But they are falling apart so much I've worn them last summer. I have therefore decided to buy myself a new pair or 2 for this summer.

Do you know that Heidi Klum designs for Birkenstock too? I came across her collection recently and bought 2 pairs. Was pretty pleased with myself until I thought of Hub. Those sandals come in psychedelic colours. I would have found them too auntie for my taste not too long ago, but now I actually thought they were interesting. I have become an auntie. What would the man in my life say when he sees them? Especially if he knew that I've paid a small fortune for them...

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Anonyme a dit…

Hi, I discovered your blog through sheer chance on fb on the whitby "fanclub".

I recently graduated from NUS European Studies, and I have hopes of doing IR in Europe some day in a facility like Sciences Po. I'm glad that people like yourself have come out of Eu Studies to be shining examples of aspirations; unlike how we were made to feel as Eu majors back in NUS. So, thanks!

Faith Tan,
NJC 2003-2004

Beau Lotus a dit…

Did you have Mr Whitby, Faith, when you were in NJ? He had been a great source of inspiration for me, I had great fun in English Literature thanks to him. In those days, we were still in the old NJ building.

I didn't know that they still have EU in NUS. I was part of the pioneer batch in 1991. I had wonderful lecturers, namely Monsieur Baillon and Dr Linsmayer. The former now works for Unesco while the latter is in German politics.

Studying at Sciences Po had been the chance of a lifetime. You could count on your fingers the number of Singaporeans who have graduated from the school. From my EU batch, we were 2.

However, I fail to see how I could be an "example of aspiration" since I am but a boring housewife today. We were meant for more important things, not keep a food blog.

Nonetheless, I hope that you will fulfill yours much better than I had mine. You have to create your own opportunities as well as seize those that come your way.

Bonne chance, Faith.

bellatigre a dit…

love the red birkies! they definitely don't look like the usual boring Birkies!

Beau Lotus a dit…

E, I see that I'm not the only auntie around LOL

Dutchess a dit…

Lotus, I'm going to say I'm with your Hub on the subject of Birkies and Crocs, although I like the way they have been jazzed up.

bellatigre a dit…

yeah I am!!!

Beau Lotus a dit…

J ah, not everybody can walk around elegantly in those heels of yours ok.

I walk around in flats and still managed to twist my ankle (not aware where and when though) this week.

But I must say now I'm beginning to wonder if those Birkies of mine are not a tad gaudy...