jeudi, janvier 14, 2010

La Mucca Argentina, Modena

La Mucca Argentina

Jan and I had lunch this afternoon at La Mucca Argentina in Casinalbo. I've driven past the restaurant a number of times in the past year and had once even stopped by to take a look (but it was too early for lunch then) and only now did I finally get to try it out.

It has a rather spacious dining hall with wooden "walled" seats on the side where you may lunch in some intimacy. When the weather is nicer, it may be nice to sit near the windows with a view of the garden outside, in fact, why not sit out there under the sun?

Empanada filled with Minced Meat

They specialise in Argentinian beef as you may well imagine. And empanadas filled with meat, chicken, ham & cheese or cheese & spinach. This reminded me of my Colombian friend Cristina in Germany, of the empanadas she used to make us, the ones she made everyday to sell to Latino bars and restaurants in the area. I wonder if she's still doing that.

Argentinian beef steak

They had 3 lunch menus when we were there. The first had pasta first dishes followed by chicken or something. The second was Argentinian beef steak and the third Argentinian Beef Ribs. We both had empanadas to start followed by menu n°2.

The restaurant also does alcoholic cocktails starting from 3,50 euros with the bulk mainly going for 5. This could be a nice place to do a group meal. I do not recall if they do Mexican tapas like El Chacarero, but probably not. In which case, it would have to be empanadas for starters - and they were really quite nicely done if a little oily (but of course).

I had a really nice time catching up with Jan. She wore one of her lovely purple sweaters and purple is a colour that really flatters her. The year started out with a shock for her though. She had the "Italian initiation" : being burglared when she was away. Someone told me when I arrived that you have not been initiated to life in Italy till you have had a car accident, been burlared and the last one I couldn't remember at the moment. Anyway, this was a really unpleasant experience and there was alot of cleaning up to do as well. Those burglars were not only thieves and vandals, but also pigs. They left mud everywhere.

She had kindly brought over a few fancy costumes that I had had delivered to her house in the UK for the kids. The whole afternoon I had 2 Star Wars enemy troopers walking around the house and one of them turned into Iron Man at some point too. Didn't manage to buy the skeleton or it would have been Halloween in January too.

La Mucca Argentina
via Giardini Nord, 440
Casinalbo di Formigine (MO)
Tel : 059 512753

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