jeudi, janvier 14, 2010

A Prayer for Haiti

A 7.0-magnitude earthquake rocked Haiti a few days ago, toppling buildings in and around the capital, Port-au-Prince, and killing tens of thousands of its residents.

It has been for a long time suffering from misrule, political upheaval and acute poverty. It is sad to know that it is suffering even more now.

It desperately and urgently needs food, water, machinery to dislodge rubble and maybe save trapped lives, doctors and medecine.

It needs our prayers and collective hope.

We must not forget Haiti.

2 commentaires:

dining sets a dit…

Let us pray for the people who were affected with the tragic incident. They badly need it and let us also help them in whatever way we can.

Pris a dit…

We prayed for Haiti together as a church and collected some money for the country. Apparently the church has some connections and will directly transfer the money over.