dimanche, janvier 10, 2010

Roadhouse Grill, Italy

You can watch them grilling your meat (Roadhouse Grill)

I thought of you Robin twice in a week : once last week when we ate at the new Old Wild West restaurant at the Victoria Cinema in Modena; the second time yesterday when we dined at the Roadhouse Grill in Reggio Emilia.

Remember that afternoon last year when we drove specially to the Old Wild West in Reggio just to have a Tequila Sunrise and some Tex Mex? A change from the good ole pasta. Well, we now have it here in Modena. On Tuesdays when we catch a movie in English, we could have some Tex Mex before or after the show. On some weekends when we catch a movie in Italian (if it's a cartoon I can catch most of the dialogue - haha), we can also have some Tex Mex before or after the movie. Actually the food is so-so and the portions are small, but it's a change from the good ole pizza.

Tortilla chips and peanuts - part of the service (Roadhouse Grill)

The Roadhouse Grill is another American-style diner and they have quite a number of restaurants in Italy. Hot wings, fajitas, ribs, steaks. We like food like that from time to time, though when we were living in the States, it saw us put on 6Kgs in 6 months. Last evening we went shopping with the whole family at Boretto and stopped by at Reggio on our way home to dine at the Roadhouse Grill. The ribs were very fat and they wouldn't let us change the fries or baked potato (that came with the mains) to a salad. How stupid was that.

Hot wings with blue cheese dip

You must wonder why Hub actually went shopping at all. Well, he is very fond of the Geox outlet and makes a point to buy a few pairs of shoes every year (we came out with 8 pairs altogether this year). He was also hoping to buy a suit from Ermenegildo Zegna, only the shop has since been replaced by Fratelli Rossetti and they sell (very expensive) shoes. I got to spend an hour at the Max Mara outlet and came away with a few spoils, but my heart stopped at the Twin Set boutique where they do really nice evening wear. Anybody inviting me to a wedding?

Old Wild West Modena
Victoria Cinema
via Sergio Ramelli 101
41100 Modena (MO)

Roadhouse Grill Reggio Emilia
via Manfredi 1
42100 Reggio Emilia

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organic baby crib a dit…

I have been to Italy but sadly, I did not visit this one because of lack of time! They told me that everything in this place is so delicious!