mardi, avril 29, 2008

Sting Ray East and West

Sting Ray in Kuah Assam Pedas

Not easy finding Sting Ray in these parts. Even in the nice seafood restaurant in the Lago we could have almost everything except the humble sting ray. But I had found it once in the Carrefour at Casalecchio di Reno so when I was last at Ikea buying garden furniture (because Monsieur had a bad back and wanted to lie out in the sun), I made a quick trip there and was happy to report that they had it! I of course got a bad back in my turn lugging that heavy wooden sun bed back.

Sting Ray in Shallot Butter Herb Sauce

The Hub and Eldest Son like to eat sting ray the French way - with butter, shallots, garlic, herbs and white wine. And the fish cooked in a perfumed broth (with bouquet garni and fumet de poisson) off the heat for 10 minutes for a just-cooked flesh.

Me when I think Sting Ray, it's either covered with sambal chilli and grilled on the BBQ or nicely soaking in a hot and spicy Assam Pedas gravy. Ah, with the fragrant taste of the ginger flower in it...

So I served the Sting Ray in the 2 different ways that evening. And everybody was happy to have their sting ray the way they like it.

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