mardi, avril 08, 2008

Promotions in the Family

Just a quick post offering congratulations to my younger Sister, Brother and Sister-in-Law for their recent promotions.

I have a family of Civil Servants 2 of whom are Primary School Teachers. Meimei's teaching Grade 2 this year and SIL Grade 6. And the latter is HOD of English too.

Caught the Sis in the midst of setting mid-year Maths exam papers for Grade 2 yesterday.

So, what do your kids need to know at this age?

Additions and subtractions within 1000. Multiplications and divisions up to the 6 times table. Problem-solving, geometry and what not. The rest had somehow escaped me, all I could think of is that I need a whip.

I have 2 years to whip Baby Girl to shape (*evil grin*).

2 commentaires:

One Wheel a dit…

Yo! where you find these pictures ah? :) I'm quite intrigued by the different ones you have picked so far, all so apt in describing the topic you're blogging. Besides this lady with the whip, there's also the policeman and some cute comic strip in the past.

I've read of overseas Singaporean parents who bought Singapore Primary school textbooks to teach their kids. In this way, they try to keep up with the local syllabus to make sure the kids are not too far behind from their counterparts. Its kiasu and stressful lah, but I trust you know how to whip them to shape :)

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

One Wheel my dear friend, I only googled them up leh. No drawing talent and so lazy, where do you think I'll find them?

Overseas Singaporean parents are quite kiasu alright. But it wouldn't work for us as I think the gap is too wide and we wouldn't be going back to Singapore normally. They'll just have to make the best of the situation here. But I'll get an assessment book or 2 (but 1 year behind) and try to encourage them to do a little here and there if they want to. Over here they are used to a less stressful life, why should I torture myself for nothing, right? Still, I day dream about whipping them to shape...