mardi, avril 22, 2008

Kindergarten and Transition Classes on "My School"

"Let me show you my classroom."

"This is the medical room where I was the doctor...This is Luigi's workstation."

"Shall I start with the top floor?"

"This is the library. We have many books, but these over here we can't touch. Only those over there are for Kindergarten and Transition children..."

"This is the Italian classroom. F's mom works here."

"Shall I bring you outside? Would you like to visit the gym?"

Baby Boy and Baby Girl's respective classes both worked on the Unit of Enquiry "My School" lastly. The parents were invited to watch a presentation made by the children which consisted mainly of being introduced to/guided round the school by our own children.

Picture of the Guide in the Library

Baby Boy was very sure and chatty. Full of anecdotes. Didn't need any prompting and was polite all throughout the tour. Even remembered to knock on doors before opening them. He guided me physically round the school and also commented on a presentation on the computer. Boy was I impressed. What a confident, intelligent and articulate boy.

Baby Girl showing me her school work

Baby Girl made me her presentation the following day and hers was a much more timid one. She brought me to many more rooms in the school but was less generous with her comments. However, she did much better and was truly expansive when she started showing me her school work, clearly she took great pride in her neat letter and number work and enjoys art and reading immensely. She wants to start reading and I hope she'll manage it soon.

I am ever so convinced that if we should stretch her more she would do even better and enjoy school all the more. And she really needs to be able to distance herself from her younger brother where their school work is concerned because I can see that her confidence is eroded each time she does something similar to the boy and he seems somehow to outshine her. There are normally 2 school years between them and she is really quite a smart (and bossy) girl so I can understand her jealousy. I was honest and told the Hub I thought Baby Boy did a better (oral) presentation and I saw her pinching the little boy just after. Oops.

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SIG a dit…

Hahaha, ouch.

SIG a dit…

Just realised her hair's gone long now. Nice. :)

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Long hair nice but also very difficult to comb. How do you manage with S's, I wonder.