mercredi, avril 30, 2008

Seafood Lasagna

Seafood Lasagna

J and her smart boy M were here from Paris! So the diet had to wait (as usual) and we spent a few days eating, visiting and eating some more. With M having a healthy appetite, it was also very motivating to cook or eat out.

I've not made Seafood Lasagna for a few years now. And only after I've made it again did I remember why it was so. It's a really tasty dish, but bechamel being bechamel it's also a pretty heavy one.

(Sauce visible)

This lasagna contained fresh mussles, prawns, scampi, venus clams, zucchini, garlicked bechamel, spicy tomato sauce, emmental, gruyere and parmesan cheeses...Half the mussles, scampi and prawns had their shells removed and cooked in the spicy tomato sauce while the other half were left on top of the lasagna and gratinated in the oven with the cheese.

Hub's Artichoke Pasta

Carrot Soup (with crème fraîche)

Duck in Curry

On other evenings we had Duck in Thai Red Curry, Carrot Soup, Tuna Sushi, Udon Soup, Pan-Grilled Chicken with gravy and the Hub did Artichoke with Pasta (I don't eat artichokes while he's crazy about them). We also did a few restaurants one of which would be worth a mention next.

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petite fleur a dit…

Yummy I've never tried seafood lasagna. Think I'll do it the next time X is back.

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

It's actually quite simple to make and is very tasty. Can feed lots of people and looks good too.