samedi, octobre 18, 2008

Ristorante Churrasco-Chacarero, Modena

Ristorante Churrasco-Chacarero

We are meat eaters in this family. Back in Stuttgart we would often go to Block House for a steak when I didn't feel like making one myself and we very much miss having a steakhouse here in Modena. Then we discovered this Argentinian Beef-Mexican Tapas restaurant known as Chacarero in the centre of Modena and have not looked back since.

Last evening Eldest Son had his friend and schoolmate M for sleepover. Thought our guest would enjoy a break from the endless hours they're capable of spending in front of some video game and go for a walk in Modena instead.

Only got a pic of the Mexican Tapas after the kids got to it

This time round we started with a few portions of the Mexican Tapas, followed by grilled Churrasco, Rib of Beef, Pork Ribs and Pork Sausages. We always eat our beef rare and the restaurant is pretty good at respecting that so we're happy. The portions are generous and one of our favourite sides is buttered rice. Very nicely cooked, grains intact, rich butter taste if a little too salty.


Rib of Beef

Pork Ribs

The deco is pretty Mexican Cantina in spirit and the serving staff speak both Spanish and Italian. They are only open for dinner and do 2 seatings, so either come by 8pm for the 1st one or turn up after 10 for the next one.

Ristorante Churrasco-Chacarero
56, via S. Giacomo
Tel : 059 210424

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