mercredi, octobre 15, 2008

12th Birthday Part 3

Birthday Boy before Stracciatella-Smarties Ice Cream Cake

I must have mentioned before that the kids usually have 3 celebrations for their birthday : one with us, one in the classroom and one with their friends. So Eldest Son had his 3rd celebration with his friends on Tuesday - McDonalds followed by Kung Fu Panda (in English) at the cinema.

He invited 10 friends and 9 of them accepted the invitation. It was funny how the girls and boys all sat, ate, get driven and watched the movie separately. They did play together though, but even then it was usually girls vs boys. And we all know of course that in just a few years the trend would be reversed and they would all be chasing after one another :-)

As they were all a little too big for the Happy Meal, I got them normal menus and we had an ice cream Birthday Cake (that we had to order from McDonalds) for dessert. E and L kindly stayed around to help me manage the party and while the kids played we took the opportunity to have a nice chat.

This year's invitation card

The cinema is about 5 minutes by car from the restaurant and we caught the 5:30 afternoon show. It's a new cineplex that screens movies in English every Tuesday. The complex is spacious and has 3 levels with a bar on the 1st floor and a mini-mart/pop corn/drinks corner on the 2nd. It was a little chaotic trying to get everyone's order for caramel/chocolate/normal popcorn, but we managed to get everyone seated on time.

This year's goodie bag : mini-Rubrik's and Carambars

The McDonalds-Movie idea seemed to be popular with the children and I'm glad that they had a good time. It's really not easy trying to come up with a suitable party idea each time - and I have 3 kids so that's 3 x the headache. So now, a little rest until December...

Lovely presents from lovely guests

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