lundi, octobre 13, 2008

The Eternal Chicken Curry with Okra

Chicken Curry with Okra

I've been making Meat (usually lamb or chicken) Curry with Okra (aka Lady's Finger) ever since I could find the okra occasionally in Paris Chez Tang. It must be one of my favourite vegetables when I do eat vegetables.

Here in Modena, one can usually find reasonably fresh (if a little too big) okra in the Hello Shop (sounds more like phone shop than supermarket), so I would usually make a sambal or curry out of it. Unfortunately only the Hub and I like the vegetable, somehow the kids do not like the look of it. But they would of course polish off everything else, curry being popular in this family.

As we know, practice makes perfect so with this curry yesterday I've decided to train my fingers to start feeling for chapati dough. Started kneading some dough for the good bread this evening. P was right when she said that you couldn't really measure how much water you would need, the fingers will have to feel it. And for that it's not too difficult, the difficulty lies rather in making chapatis look like chapatis. Used both organic wholegrain and normal plain wheat flour as I'm still trying in bits and pieces to stick to my resolution to go more organic.

My Chapati dough

I naturally didn't expect to make round chapatis the first time on the job. I did chant "No Australia, no India, no Singapore..." all the while and came up with other shapes (need to revise my world map). But they turned out to be quite edible and were eaten up with the curry in no time.

Marinating the chicken

Chicken Curry with Okra :

Skinless Chicken pieces to be marinated with
Ground Turmeric

Curry paste made of
Fresh Chillies
Green Cardamoms
Cumin Seeds
Ground Turmeric
Ground Coriander Seeds

Make the curry as you normally would a curry, adding in curry leaves, coriander leaves etc if you wish to use them. I used a non-stick wok and so decided not to use too much oil.

Add in some diced tomatoes, water, salt and pepper to taste. Simmer the curry for a while and about 10 minutes before serving add in the okra. Squeeze some lime juice over it (optional).

2 commentaires:

SIG a dit…

Eh why no finished shot of chapati? I don't eat lady's fingers, that's about the only thing I don't like. ;) But happy for you that you found it. :)

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Because the photo didn't turn out. They were all screaming to start dinner (and it was dark already 8:30pm) so I took a hurried one w/o flash as usual. It looked OK thru the camera screen but when I downloaded it it was blur.

Tomorrow I'll probably make chapatis again if I make a lentil curry so we'll see...

In any case, you can only really see the shape of the chapati at the dough stage and not at the cooked stage.