jeudi, octobre 09, 2008

12th Birthday Part 2

The Birthday Boy

Eldest Son wanted to eat Chinese for his 12th Birthday. He said he didn't want to see another strand of pasta till next week's lunch at school. Which meant that the Hub had to cancel his plans to bring us to Europa 92 (Pavarotti's restaurant) for a chic dinner.

The meal was no highlight of the year, of course. 99% of the Chinese restaurants here are lousy. If they're edible you can already count yourself lucky. We usually go to this one in Formigine as I rather like the lady owner and she always gives us extra Hot and Sour Soup which the kids love. The rest, if you're careful with what you order, is not too bad and will do for the times when you do not feel like cooking and yet didn't want to eat Italian.

Peking Duck meal

We ordered a Peking Duck meal. It came with home-made pancakes (but not the firm ones), shredded spring onions, cucumber, hoisin sauce, chilli oil (very hot) and duck (meat and skin) served on fried rice vermicelli. The skin wasn't crispy at all which was a pity and the duck was quite tasteless, but otherwise it was fun wrapping up our own Peking Duck. The duck bones were used to make a soup which was quite good and the restaurant offered us a plate of fried Green Beans which were nicely done.

The Birthday Cake

Finished the meal with a delicious St Honoré that I bought from our favourite pastry shop here (the same one that did the Hub's Birthday cake in April). It had puff pastry, chantilly, crème patissière, cream-filled choux and strawberries.

Next week I'll be bringing mothers from Baby Girl's class to lunch in the same restaurant. Hopefully we'll be able to come up with a decent menu and allow everyone to enjoy the meal.

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petite fleur a dit…

Hey Lotus - That's a good looking boy you've got there.

Sigh if only there was a half decent Chinese restaurant that serves Peking duck around here.

Anonyme a dit…

Hey BeauLotus,

I love the post about your son's birthday! He looks very happy and you have done a great job as a mum.

You take very good photos. I'm trying to learn to do that. I tried to find your RSS feed to subscribe but couldn't. Could you point me to it?


Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Petite fleur, thanks for the compliment, I did wonder sometimes where he got the looks from...

Daphne, I certainly do not take good photos, you're too nice, lady.

To tell the truth I do not know what an RSS feed is, but since you mentioned it, I decided to google it up and 15 minutes later it's now in my blog (at the bottom of the page = the "Atom" thingy).

Not that I know after all that what an RSS feed is.

SIG a dit…

Handsome boy. :) So was he pleased with the dinner? Me too don't have a clue what RSS is.