dimanche, novembre 01, 2009

Water Paintings

A fish tank in the Oceanogràfic, Valencia

We couldn't use flash in the acquarium. And I don't either when I'm in a church or museum. Wish other people would respect that too. Would having a good picture be more important than disturbing the fishes or paintings or other visitors for that matter?


Japanese Spider Crab (can live up to 100 years)


Anyway, thought some of the photos I took in the Oceanogràfic looked like water paintings. Eerie, blur, blue. The sharks looked like the sharks you see in cartoons, with their eerie smiles.

Another shark


This is one of the nicer acquariums we've visited. The children enjoyed it very much.

Sunfish/Mola Mola (very eerie, looks like the Fiat Multipla)

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