jeudi, novembre 05, 2009

Roasted Sweet Potato

Roasted Sweet Potato

It took me half a matchbox to light my BBQ. It was cold and windy outside. And know what? They don't seem to sell matchsticks in the supermarkets here. Afraid that we would burn the place down while shopping? It is actually quite frustrating when you remember that my BBQ came with that lighter function but after the cleaning lady hosed it down last year, no sparks ever flew from the machine again. Now you have to turn on the gas and throw in a lighted matchstick to light the BBQ. Or in my case, half a box of lighted matchsticks.

Anyway, I roasted this sweet potato. The part near the skin is extra sweet when it's cooked (almost directly) on the fire.

Next, if I have the courage maybe I'll make Steamed Sweet Potato Cakes, but for now, I have other fish to fry.

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