dimanche, novembre 01, 2009

Playa Las Arenas, Valencia

Playa Las Arenas

Those freezing away in Modena at this time of the year wouldn't be able to believe, of course, that we went to the beach one afternoon in Valencia. To my favourite Playa Las Arenas less than 30 minutes by bus (N°32) or metro from the hotel.

The Promenade

This is a stretch of fine sandy city beach that stretches. With hotels, restaurants, events and free showers lining it. It is not the main beach in Valencia, but it is the closest and the most accessible. And it is next to the port where they hold the America Cup. The promenade runs alongside Las Arenas and is known as the Paseo Marítimo. Here you can walk, jog or ride a bike on specially provided lanes. In the past we used to take a taxi to the Paseo Neptuno and eat at Restaurante La Pepica. Good seafood and paella dishes though if I remember correctly you wouldn't go there for ambiance as it was quite like a canteen in both decor and service.

Brave Kids

There was almost nobody the day we were there. We chose our spot and laid out the towels then the kids stripped down to their bathing suits and disappeared to the water's edge. The water was quite cold though the sun was shining (25°C), but after just a moment's hesitation the kids jumped into the sea and spent an hour or so building (tiny) sand castles with the miserable rake and 3 moulds I brought along.

I dig, you dig, we dug

For our late lunch we had sandwiches and fried chicken wings from Pan's. Would have preferred some gambas a la plancha, but none of the restaurants were open at 3pm. I really think it a pity that so many of Italy's beaches are private. I would rather fly to Valencia for the beach than drive to one of mainland Italy's. Surely it is a right for all to have access to a free beach.

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Anonyme a dit…

Totally agree with you about Italy's restrictive access to beaches. Still remembered the incident in Sicily at Taormina's beaches where I needed to find a loo urgently & ended up at one of the private beaches. The gatekeeper aka dragon queen there shouted at me cos I had no right to enter the toilet! Duh!

Not sure how Italy's private beaches evolved but I think it discriminates their own citizens too from enjoying themselves. Perhaps its a way for the local mayors to pump up their city's budget thru the revenue obtained from private beach operators.

Thanks for the documentation of Valencia's trip. Will keep this in mind for a European winter destination as I've already covered Majorca, Girona, Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Granada. But with the Euros going higher & higher versus the SGD, I am finding it hard to plan a very tight budget for Europe.

Don't worry about wrinkles, its the sign of great wisdom, I've got them too. I stopped counting my age when I went above 40! NO way would I want to turn back the clock & return to my youth.

Beau Lotus a dit…

I love Barcelona, for example, but Valencia is a much more manageable city to be in. You have a city, old and new, and the beach and everything is quite accessible.

When you have to travel alone with 3 children like me, these are factors to consider.

Honestly why would you want to torture yourself and come over during winter, when the whole world dreams of going away to the sun but most couldn't afford to?

Anonyme a dit…

Lotus, cos winter in Europe is my favorite time of the year, Xmas markets, Xmas goodies to eat, I just cannot resist. And being a Europhile, I do love Europe a lot! I do not perspire & I can go hiking & still feel refreshed. And southern Europe is just nice without the extreme coldness, just mildly cold. If you live in Spore all yr life, then well, its a refreshing change. Another factor is the summer heat during Europe, been there done that, find it too hot.

Also I have eczema from childhood to adulthood. It will be with me all my life, the heat & sun cause my eczema to flare up badly. That's why in Spore, I seldom take part in any outdoor activities during the day, I will end up with a tomato red face, dry fierce & very itchy skin! After I turned 40, I noticed that my eczema has gotten worse. Perhaps immunity wise I am not so strong as before.

Beau Lotus a dit…

If you like X'mas markets you have to visit Stuttgart and Strasbourg. Otherwise it'll be tame whatever you can find in the South.

My daughter is prone to eczema too. Doctor said it's due to asthma in the family - they are linked or something. You have to keep your skin hydrated.

Enjoy your Winter Hols in Europe, then.