dimanche, novembre 29, 2009

Lunch with the B's

Mixed Berry Tartlets

A number of families left Modena last summer. This is one of the hazards that we face as expat families, making friends and losing them all often within a year or 2. More often than not, those who left will not return, just like we didn't after Rochester (NY), Jaen or Stuttgart (so far). And when they do, out of sight being out of mind, whoever they thought were their friends often couldn't really make time in their lives for them anymore. C'est la vie.

The B's came back this weekend from Milan. We were honoured to be able to offer them lunch and catch up for a few hours in the comfort of our kitchen. I am used to whipping out a simple meal even for 10 because Hub enjoys meeting his friends at home where they could chat without being disturbed. It doesn't involve alot of work if one plans a little ahead and is not too ambitious. The important thing is to be motivated enough to want to do it.

Roast Chicken on bed of Vegetables (half-cooked at this point)

I made my Tomato Bufala Tartlets that they really liked, 2 Free-range Roast Chickens with roasted vegetables, fried potatoes, garlicked green beans and butter Basmati rice. For dessert we had fresh pineapple and Mixed Berry Tartlets - another hit. Interesting how the easiest things to make are sometimes the ones that are most liked.

Baby Boy needs to see the Doctor tomorrow for a final check-up before he could return to school. I think that it's about time as he is getting really restless and is making me crazy moving around so much and making so much noise. Baby Girl lost one of her front teeth (finally) and will need to have the mouse (she said the tooth fairy doesn't exist but the French mouse does) bring her a coin. The return of the Teenager from Munich marked the end of a week of relative peace and quiet for me, it's back to screaming at him to switch off his lights, close the door, pick up his clothes and do his homework. Hub seems to be recovering reasonably well, if he can think of wine and sex, you know that he's starting to be fine.

The coming few weeks will be busy. Baby Girl turns 7 in a few days, the Winter Fair is coming up, I have not finished my Christmas shopping and have still to plan and pack for our holidays in Stuttgart, MIL's house near Paris and the French Alps. We may also visit another destination as the company is forcing a long Christmas holiday on everyone due to the bad economy - good for us, but maybe not so good for those who need the money.

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Muriel a dit…

It is tooth fairy who is a mouse!!! Don't you know anything? LOL

Pris a dit…

Hey when are you coming to Stuttgart??

Beau Lotus a dit…

Pris, we will be in Reutlingen on 19/12 and Vaihingen on 20/12.