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Pork Roast stuffed with Herbs, Smoked Bacon, Cabbage and Bufala Cheese

Stuffed Pork Roast

Truth be told we're not really into Pork Roasts, usually going for beef, even duck. But I had it in mind to stuff my Sunday roast for a change, though not with those minced stuff, I've never liked the look of them. I've bought a big bag of fresh herbs like sage and rosemary and I'm ready to open up anything to put them in. Voilà pourquoi this Pork Roast stuffed with Herbs, Cabbage, Smoked Bacon and Bufala Cheese.


The pork just has to be lean and of a reasonable thickness to justify being stuffed. Open it up like a wallet (en portefeuille), stuff, season (with olive oil, salt and pepper) and then close it up with a few kitchen strings.

All tied up

The cabbage and bacon one can choose to use them raw or lightly pre-cooked. And the bacon can be replaced with any cured ham. Fresh basilic leaves can also be used, tomato slices will add humidity and acidity. Bufala is better than just mozzarella but of course just the latter will do.

I use my Le Creuset cocotte to make my roasts. It is better than the oven because it allows cooking by steaming too and locks in the natural juices and moisture from the meat.

Dans la cocotte

First heat up some olive oil in the pot and brown both sides of the meat. Then cover the pot, lower the heat and cook it for 15 minutes. Remove the cover and add in whole shallots, garlic and other vegetable (cut) like celery or carrots. Cover again for 10 minutes.

Next, remove the cover and add in some white wine. Salt and pepper to taste. If using fresh porcini mushrooms like I did, add them in at this point. Cover the pot and simmer for another 15 minutes. This way you'll get your meat, confit garlic and shallots, some vegetables and a gravy. I served the roast on home-made garlicked mashed potatoes. Hub, missing the Alba Truffle Festival, had black truffles with his.

Hub's plate has black truffles on his mashed potatoes

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