vendredi, novembre 06, 2009

Grilled Teriyaki Salmon Don

Grilled Teriyaki Salmon Don

I am down to my last few hundred grams of sushi rice. Drove to all the Asian shops in Modena and they have all run out of it. This made last evening's Teriyaki Salmon Don (rice bowl) all the more special - until I can stock up on Japanese rice again.

Miso Soup (with tofu but without seaweed as I can't stand it)

Everyone had Miso Soup (made from red miso paste and ikan bilis stock) to start, but the Babies, who do not eat fish, had grilled Piemontese beef patties and potato croquettes with crema di aceto balsamico. And we finished off with a Fruit Salad filled with lychees that they adore.

Beef patty and potato croquettes with crema di aceto balsamico

Fruit Salad

I served the grilled Salmon steaks with grilled vegetables, seasoned sushi rice and leftover teriyaki sauce from the marinade. If you cannot find the bottled sauce, make your own with light soy sauce, mirin and sugar.

Grilling the vegetables (separately)

The grey, cold weather is getting to me. I do not feel like doing anything - except cook and eat. I went to the gym yesterday though. To use the sauna. The idea of exercising does not appeal to me at all. I just want to laze around, daydream, read Maxi Cuisine and absorb heat. The months ahead will be tough.

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