lundi, novembre 09, 2009

This Evening's Craving

Wat Tan Hor (Rice Noodle with Egg Drop Gravy)

Made Wat Tan Hor (Rice Noodles with Egg Drop Gravy) this evening. Have posted the recipe before. Very satisfying simple meal, Baby Girl was licking the plates and asking for more, but there weren't seconds to go round.

"Ce n'est pas juste!" she said.

What does she know about justice, this child?

5 commentaires:

Pris a dit…

Ohhh, yummy! I cook that pretty of my favourites.

Dutchess a dit…

A girlfriend and I just had that at a tze char stall in Commonwealth last week. Good stuff!

Beau Lotus a dit…

I did a version with bee hoon just for myself this evening :-)

SIG a dit…

Was supposed to make this two weeks ago but have been putting it off.

Beau Lotus a dit…

I'm not surprised, D. You can just eat it at your nearest Tze Char stall, why bother?