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Finali Mondiali 2009

Finali Mondiali 2009

Hub was away this weekend in Valencia for Ferrari's Finali Mondiali. We had to miss it since, exceptionally, it wasn't held in Italy. In hard times like these, we didn't feel up to paying 4 air tickets just for the weekend (especially when we were there just 2 weeks ago) and it wouldn't do to ask the company to pay for them either even though traditionally the family has always been invited to this event.

Hub's badges

Hub wasn't keen to go there without us, but once he was there, he was really impressed by the whole event. Valencia, as you know, is a beautiful city. Holding a beautiful event in a beautiful city can only be a sure success.

Palau de las Artes Reina Sofia by night

On Saturday evening, the gala dinner was held in the Palau de las Artes Reina Sofia. There was an open air concert (the weather was beautiful there unlike here) followed by an indoor orchestra cum flamenco musical performance. The City of the Arts and Sciences is impressive on its own. Add the Ferrari logo (flashed on the building) and a few Ferraris floating on the water surrounding it and it was magical.

Valencia's Symphonic Orchestra met the Flamenco

You get to rub shoulders with the rich and famous from all over the world. And also politicians and notables from Valencia.

Circuit Ricardo Tormo

The races took place in the Circuit de la Comunitat Valenciana Ricardo Tormo. Alonso was there (though not in Ferrari colours) and spent at least an hour signing autographs (no, don't expect Hub to get one for us). The Spaniards were crazy about him.

Alonso being interviewed

Cheese, it's Alonso!!! (Lai & Domenicali were behind)

The President's Lunch was held in a special room as usual and it was the same guy from Florence who did the catering. I've asked Hub to try getting the chocolate cake recipe from him, but of course Hub pretended that he hadn't heard me. But he did sweetly offer to take a few pictures, "I know that you would want to blog about them..."

President's Lunch

I certainly wished I were there. Then the car wouldn't be scratched.

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