lundi, novembre 09, 2009

Bhindi Masala (Okra/Lady's Finger Stir-fry)

Bhindi Masala

I love okra. It's one of my favourite vegetables and I am a carnivore as you know. But I can eat okra any time and I cook it at least once a fortnight - or whenever I can find it. Luckily here in Modena you can find it where there are many Africans or Indians, though where I come from, it's a popular vegetable too. I love it in sambal belachan or in assam pedas.

I also love it cooked the Indian way. It's simple and doesn't stink out the kitchen and I do not have to spend time blending anything.

Bhindi Masala :

Okra (washed, sliced and kept in the fridge for a few hours to dry it out)
Fresh green chillies
Cumin seeds
Ground Coriander
Ground Turmeric
Fresh tomato
Garam masala
Mango powder (optional)
Lemon juice
Salt to taste

I am now in the midst of buying Christmas gifts. And wondering if I should send out a few cards. Thing is I hate going to the post office here, never could meet its opening hours. It's a headache trying to buy gifts and not knowing what to buy. And this year we'll have to carry them to France and back since we'll be spending Christmas with MIL. After last year's extravagance, I think I'll just get books and DVDs/CDs for everyone.

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